You Can Become Part of the Story…

"The sharing of stories is what makes us human.  It is the spoken word that is the door to all of the beautiful, terrible, wondrous, and astounding things we have done."

– Bill Harley, storyteller

Interested in becoming a part of the Ojai Storytelling Festival?

Of course, we’d love to have you. For the last eleven years the festival has been offering programs for students, families, and adults featuring some of the brightest stars in storytelling. The Ojai Storytelling Festival gives peoples a chance to learn about other cultures, offers families experiences they can enjoy together, and elevates the art form of storytelling.  The festival definitely builds a sense of community enriching the lives of those that attend.  With the current economic crisis, we are calling on our patrons to support the festival in a much bigger way than ever before. Ticket sales at the festival do not cover all the expenses incurred by the event. We need your help more than ever.

The Ojai Storytelling Festival Touches Many People 

It’s Educational - Over 2,000 students in grades Pre-K-12 attend outreach performances at Libbey Bowl and the Ojai Art Center.

“I can’t express strongly enough the power of the spoken word to enrich a child’s vocabulary, listening skills and love of stories. The storytellers at the Village of Tales had my students laughing, clapping, singing and anxiously awaiting the outcome of their tales.  Children today expect so much information to be handed to them: shown to them on the tv screen.  Many have not learned to use their own imaginations to create pictures in their minds.  Storytelling offers students a format for listening and understanding stories with some visual aides, but yet leaves some pieces up to the imagination.”

– Karen Dingman, Second grade teacher

It’s Inspirational

"I am still floating from the weekend of storytelling. I cannot thank you enough for making it happen. I just happened to find out about it by accident… a wonderful accident. It was an amazing and uplifting experience. I cannot wait for next year.”

– Carol Stern, audience member

"The Ojai festival is to storytelling what Sundance is to film. If it’s rare and magical and quirky… you’ll find it at this wondrous gem of a festival."

– Carmen Deedy, acclaimed storyteller/author

Here’s How You Can Become Part of the Story…
Please Support the Ojai Storytelling Festival

The Legend - $2800 You can select a particular storyteller to sponsor. The $2,800 will pay for one of the storyteller’s travel and artistic fees. During the festival, your contribution will be acknowledged from the stage at each of his or her performances, in our brochure, and on our website as well. 
The Folktale - $500 Your contribution provides buses for 160 needy students to attend one of the educational outreach performances held on Friday during the school day.
The Proverb - $300 Your contribution purchases tickets for 40 needy students to one of the outreach performances.
Storytelling Supporter Your contribution of any amount helps support the festival.

As a sponsor of the Ojai Storytelling Festival you can have a huge impact on the event and on the community at large. Your sponsorship can help enrich, educate and entertain children, parents, teachers, aspiring tall tale tellers and many, many others. It can help bring us all a little closer together, by showing that -- as individuals and families -- we were never really that far apart to begin with. We share the same dreams, the same aspirations...and the same stories!

Whether you are an individual, a family, an organization, a business, or a foundation, you can make a sponsorship donation through a variety of sponsorship levels. Just contact us at or phone (310) 890-1439. We’ll send you a brochure which covers both Sponsorship and Underwriting opportunities.